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A young attorney and his first client fight power, corruption, and racism in this laugh out loud satire.

John graduates from Law School at the top of his class. He meets Spector, the villain, who welcomes him to the Game. John rolls the dice, with a little help from Spector, that takes him to what he thinks is a great opportunity with a large firm. Instead, he is sent to the dreaded square one. Spector appears and brings John his first client, Alice, who was severely injured in a crash with a large truck.

John and Alice go back to the game board and try their luck with a good settlement offer. But luck is not on their side.


DON'T SHOOT - An award winning comedy

Quincy drives home from work on the backroads so he can enjoy a blunt on the way home. But police lights behind him put him in panic as he pulls over. He tries to remain calm as the sharp tongued pure southern white officer shouts his demands. Suddenly the cop is spooked and draws his gun. Quincy is pulled from the car and thrown to the ground.

He lies there while the cop searched his car. This seems like the nightmare he has been warned of his entire life. But the encounter takes a turn and Quincy learns something about hate and fear. 

F-5!   The American Red Cross Tornado movie.

For the American Red Cross, we sat and listened to their staff tell us stories about their service to the community. We created a story that followed four sets of families through an EF 5 tornado in a major city.  Originally a fundraising video, this one took off with a blaze of additional publicity.  The American Red Cross did use this as a fundraising tool, but it proved so instructive and entertaining that it was screened  in Theatres of many cities and towns.

Directing and running an efficient set is Primary! 

Casting great talent is time consuming but there are some great performers in the Atlanta market.

Hiring top notch crew in the Atlanta Metro area is highly competitive with the huge amount of Studio work available in the Atlanta Film Industry.  However, the best in their craft are all around us in Atlanta!  Cinematographer Mitchell Lipsiner shown here.

The Tribe of Misfits

The Tribe of Misfits is a low budget comedy feature that our team produced and directed.  It is in distribution and won some cool accolades!  

Award winning comedy THE TRIBE OF MISFITS

We all do our best to show up for film festivals when there are screenings.  Interviews always help us and our clients. Sometimes we win shiny stuff! Like the 2023 Telly Awards! The 2022  platinum Marcom Award! The 2022 Gold Viddy Award!

This is a comedy-satire we made for a very hip law firm in Dallas, Texas. Our clients wanting something different than the usual Attorney Ad. What they got was a highly decorated 4 part web series that highlights the experience of a lawsuit in a court. 

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I'm always irritated when prices for services are not up front. So to give you a good idea of the rates, just from experience. It goes something like this:

For example, a full 60 minutes broken into 4 to 6 episodes is about 100K delivered and ready for any web use or for screenings and competitions.  (great publicity) A 30 minute project, stand alone or in up to six episodes is about 75K delivered. A 15 minute stand alone or up to 4 episodes is about 50K. A 5 to 10 minute project is about 20K.

We would schedule an interview and see what your company wants to say. The our writing process starts, we get a solid budget locked in and we shoot!

We serve the needs of Attorneys, Medical Associations, Not Profits, Realtor Associations and more. There is a separate discussion for Television Advertising spots.