Brent B Duncan

My name is Brent Duncan, and I am passionate about story telling. 

This is the reason I love being a Film and Television industry professional. As a member of the Director’s Guild of America, I have worked as a director and as an Assistant Director and managed large crews of highly skilled men and women to complete the production of many great narratives, on time and on budget. Earlier in my career, I was a performer of such wonderful tales on stage and on screen. In my thirties, I had an opportunity to go to a university. I studied this passion of mine and earned a bachelor’s degree in Film. As a hobby, I am an avid reader of screenplays of course, but also non-fiction, prose, and poetry. In 2015 I was finally able to marry the man I have been with since 1985. That itself, was only possible because of great storytelling that changed how LGBT men and women are understood. Each day I look at my great fortune of experience and skills, to see what more I can do to bring fantastic stories to life.

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Some of our favorite Clients!

The American Red Cross,  Habitat For Humanity, Georgia Technical College System, MASLAW, The Joint Commissions, Pepsi, Churches Chicken, Various Independent Films and filmmakers that have great stories.